Association Amici di RavennAntica e di Classis

The Association Amici di RavennAntica has been active since 2004 and has over 400 susbcriptions. It has always been involved in supporting the activities of the Fondazione RavennAntica by organizing travels, reading club, conferences and meeting points. With the opening of Classis Ravenna, we have decided to become “Amici di RavennAntica e di Classis”.

Erika Minnetti

Responsible Association Amici di RavennAntica e di Classis

New name, new logo, but the passion is identical in order to value the historical, artist and archaeological heritage of our city.

On RavennAntica’s website you can see all the photos of the best travels organized by the Association. You can also see the parties, how to become a member, the events scheduled, the affiliations, the benefits and the presidency’s committee.

Here below are some photos of the travels done in Siria, Sicily, Lybia and a dinner at Almagià theatre.

Here is the President of the Association, Carlo Pilotti.





CLASSIS Ravenna - Museo della Città e del Territorio

Via Classense 29 – 48124 Ravenna
Telephone +39 0544 473717

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