Open Lab

of Ravenna

The museums for the Open Lab of Ravenna

MAR’s spaces and Classis’ are a vehicle for social and cultural innovation

Also in Ravenna, like in other nine cities of Emilia-Romagna region, the creation of an Open Lab is being organized. This multi-purpose area was created to reach the goals set by the Board 6 POR FESR 2014-2020 in order to give the city a new attractive look. The main theme of the project of Ravenna is about the touristic use of the cultural heritage both for the territory and for tourists and Ravenna’s people.
The lab will be the place where development and technological innovation will take place, in order to create new projects to find an intercultural dialogue and the communities attendance.
There will be two locations for the Open Lab of Ravenna and both will be in a museum: MAR Museum of Ravenna and Classis Ravenna Museum, the new museum of the city and its territory.
The project that involves MAR museum wants to recover an area located on the second floor and that will be used for co-working and group work.

In Classis Ravenna, the second floor of the building has been recovered to create a LabSpace, a lab for technological and software experimenting and also for co-working areas and meetings.

The Open Lab of Ravenna will experiment, for example, projects that involve the citizens and the tourists in order to create videos, apps, 3D models and also training and educational programmes. The goal is to use the museum’s spaces in order to be innovative both socially and culturally speaking and to create a meeting point. The Open Lab will become the cradle of all that regards the re-interpretation of the artistic heritage of Ravenna and of the appreciation of the territory: beaches and the sea, nature and culture. The perfect match between tradition and innovation for the development of digital and creative economy.


Maria Grazia Marini
Tourism Director
Comune di Ravenna




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