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Classis Ravenna

Classis Ravenna, the new Museum of the Ravenna and of its territory. Classe is fundamental for the historical importance of Ravenna.
The museum wants to narrate specific historical moments and all the stories that talk about Ravenna’s history and its territory.

It’s a fascinating story that sees as a protagonist one of the most important cities of the Mediterranean.

Along the time line, that is the main attraction of the exhibition, are shown all the different time periods that regard the city and its territory: the Etruscan-Umbrian origins, the ancient Romans, the Goth period, the Byzantine period and the Middle Ages.

Next to the time line, you can find detailed studies regarding the growth and development of the city, its layers, the fleet and the voyages, its varied ethnicity, the artistic production, the funeral habits and the praying manners.

Ravenna and the sea


Ravenna’s relationship with the sea is an essential trait of its history.

Ravenna is an important intersection for commercial reasons and relationships that strengthened in ancient times with all the Mediterranean area.

During the late ancient age it was one of the most important commercial ports of the Mediterranean.

San Severo: from the villa to the monastery


Through pictures, maps and graphic elaborations you can see the whole evolution in time and all the phases of the archaeological site. From the Roman Villa to the monastery of San Severo, an important location until the Ottonian age and further on.

The Factory


A small section of the exhibition is dedicated to the Museum’s building.

Here, during the first decades of the last century, 600 workers transformed tons of beetroots in mountains of sugar that, reached Italy and Europe by boat or railway. After came the decline of the factory and in 1982 it shut down.

The historical pictures show how the form sugar factory was and the testimonies of those whom worked there. The history is shown on video. The factory is one of the most important archaeological reconstructions made on a national scale.

This tale is based on the archaeological documentation with a targeted use of the artifacts important for the story-telling: sometime there will be individual elements with an important role as protagonists; other times, wide groups of objects, as in the case of Classe’s port, that can be shown thanks to the thousands artifacts found in late excavations.

The daily life objects (amphorae, ceramics, coins) find an appropriate place next to the most important and valid materials on an artistic point of view (statues, mosaics and more).

A small section of the exhibition is dedicated to the museum’s building: an important monument of the industrial archaeology, whose importance in the past is vivid in Ravenna’s memories. Also this monument will be explained and told about. The former sugar factory is indeed a real cathedral like Sant’Apollinare’s Basilica is. It is not odd that from afar the two buildings emerge on the horizon as common and usual architectural buildings. A cathedral/factory of the memory with the intent to give back to the community its local history; and in the meanwhile the goal is to describe to the many tourists that come to Ravenna a fascinating and important episode of the city’s history.

CLASSIS Ravenna – Museo della Città e del Territorio, together with the Ancient Port of Classe (inaugurated in 2015) and to the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, form the Archaeological Park of Classe that will be completed when the Basilica of San Severo becomes a museum.




CLASSIS Ravenna - Museo della Città e del Territorio

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